Impressions on the iconic products❤️

Impressions on the iconic products❤️

These are the iconic strobing sticks!They are amazing and so pigmented💁🏼
Tips when using these-
1. Mix a bit with your foundation for a more dewy effect and finish.
2. Apply to inner corner of your eye,
Brow bone, cheek bone and Cupid’s bow.

These are the iconic contour and highlight pallettes! I really love these and they are also so pigmented! I was pleasantly surprised when I first tried these out🤗

As you may see in this photo there are two beautiful liquid lipsticks!The colours are so pretty and they don’t go on sticky what so ever💄I would recommend finding a Lip liner to match your iconic lipstick as it will be easier to apply!❤️
Also in this picture there are some gorgeous eyeshadow brushes!These apply your eyeshadow on so well!They aren’t rough or scratchy too🎀

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about iconic products!If you haven’t already you must go and check them out and I am sure you will love them!They are affordable and not ridiculously priced!Their products aren’t bad quality at all😘Make sure to tag me in any iconic pics


Top 10 makeup tips💄

1. Always use the right foundation and concealer shade for you.

2. Contour all the way to your hairline.

3. If you cover your eye lid with a white liner, Your eyeshadow will pop.

4. Lock your foundation in with a pressed powder.
5. For fuller lashes wiggle your mascara brush left-right.
6. Try not to leave your face baking powder to long or it won’t blend away vey well.
7. Make an exclamation mark for your nose highlight.
8. Use tape for the perfect winged eyeliner.
9. Make your beauty blender damp to help blend your foundation or concealer better.
10. Conceal where you are going to highlight.

10 things you need to know about me!

10 things you need to know about me!

Hello everyone, This is my blog!
This is going to be about all things fashion. This will include tips and advice , how I like to do stuff etc… I really hope you enjoy my posts and hope that they help you !Xx

1. I would say Kylie Jenner and Carli Babel are my style inspirations.

2. My style has changed a lot over the years due to having two older sisters.

3. My biggest fashion mistake is probably wearing a bodysuit with leggings.

4. My favourite clothe shops are Top shop and ASOS.

5. My style does change depending on my mood.

6. If I could do anyone’s makeup it would be Carli Bybel as she might give me some tips as I am doing it.

7. My favourite item of clothing is a t-shirt.

8. I usually wear a t-shirt and sweatpants when I am relaxing.

9. If I could steal someone’s wardrobe it would be Kim kardashian’s.